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Artek emerged in 1990 as a studio focused on the development of stands. We specialize in identifying the architectural and design needs of the corporate and institutional world when facing a communication strategy. We have evolved since our very beginning, expanding our range of services and meeting our clients' requirements with effective and innovative solutions.


Where brands come to life
and can be experienced.

The stand is the company's piece of corporate identity that brings together all aspects of communication in time and space, that is, the "today" of the company and its aspirations. It is here that its business strategy takes shape, where its values become both visible and tangible with unmatched accuracy. We have vast experience in the interpretation of corporate and functional requirements. We start off from the conception of the idea up to its materialization, passing through its design and production, creating spaces that not only express our clients' essence and show what they are capable of offering, but that also cause an impact, captivate and leave an unforgettable mark in their audience.


We project dwellings,
we design life.

We are devoted to creating, designing and building spaces that will be inhabited by people, stories, jobs, businesses and affective memories. We conceive them through a creative process which, starting from the active listening of each client's needs, establishes a synergy and develops a project whose main goal is to promote human well-being with special emphasis on beauty, efficiency, comfort and sustainability.


We generate spaces that create

We foster meeting spaces by means of corporate events. We have an interdisciplinary team of professionals devoted to developing innovative proposals and offering effective planning, marketing and management solutions. In addition, thanks to the experience and technical competence of our collaborators, we can coordinate the assembly tasks and the necessary infrastructure services so that each event becomes a success.


Form and function at the service
of corporate communication.

In such a world as this -dynamic, interconnected and loaded with messages- it is important for a company to leave a lasting impression in the general public and generate a sense of belonging.
Based on the analysis of our clients' image attributes and their operations, at Artek we design and bring projects to life following the visual and functional parameters of each one, with creativity, drive and impact.


Communicating spaces and much more.

The way in which the image of a company is built and maintained is always evolving. Our expertise in stands design has enabled us to acquire in-depth knowledge of the communicational challenges of creating and developing a comprehensive corporate image, based on a strategy developed with originality. The way in which we focus on the values, identity and image of a brand is one of our differentials when it comes to providing broad-spectrum solutions. From graphic design, we achieve powerful visual communication, either through logos, brochures, banners, catalogs or graphic pieces, carrying out a cutting-edge corporate image, both outside and inside a company.


For the sake of balance between personal
and professional life.

We contribute to the preservation of the balance between the work and personal spheres. The key: having a suitable space, which should lead to concentration and encourage creativity, so that those who work from home can reach their maximum work performance without harming their personal well-being. We propose functional design elements for the harmony of your home. We apply our experience in furniture design so as to create a series of products designed to make everyday tasks more comfortable, pleasurable and effective, with the principle that professionalism and warmth should go hand in hand.

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spaces + solutions

The gateway to a new

At Artek we believe that achieving the transition to a new normality that is safe, simple and friendly is the ideal means to preserve health and to stimulate the renewal of all activities in a reliable way. We respond to the newly imposed demands through design and innovation, with an array of widely customizable, easily scalable and effective sanitary solutions.


From start to finish, professionalism
and creativity.

A large number of areas and complementary supports are usually applied to the realization of a stand or event. In each one, its implementation demands high levels of efficiency and consistency so that the coherence of the story is ensured and the message is enhanced and reaches the public more clearly.
At Artek we coordinate these very sensitive aspects. From audio-visual services to catering, from hiring promoters to merchandising pieces, we have a team that is ready to provide top solutions in any area related to the start-up of a stand or corporate space.

VIRTUAL REALITY | connected + spaces

The evolution of business.

At Artek we reinforce our commitment to innovation and technological advancement. We develop the evolution of spaces towards the virtual and hybrid plane through a platform that allows us to develop immersive and interactive experiences.
They constitute an impressive alternative with design and connectivity, which is extremely attractive and effective to generate meetings and business opportunities.

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